Our Commitment

At Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Mortgage TPO, independent mortgage professionals, like you, are at the forefront of everything that we do. It’s our belief that you deserve the right partner, support, and products, so you can meet the needs of your clients.

Why Mutual TPO? We focus on the fundamentals: excellent operations, common sense underwriting, and a simple efficient process.

Relationships Matter

We provide expert Account Executives (not amateurs) to help you solve problems, increase your business, and be a true consultant for how to maximize your time and efficiency so you can make more money.

Price Matters

We are an established lender, with a reputation for world-class service and fulfillment. We do not have legacy overhead that is forcing your current partners to tell you that “that’s just the environment we’re in.”

Dedicated Operations

We know that consistency matters. If you have no clue where your file is going internally and it could be decisioned by one of a hundred underwriters, your blood pressure goes up. We understand this and due to our internal efficiencies, we can align you with a pod of experienced professionals, who communicate clearly, concisely and that know how to build trust.

A Simple Process

Utilizing tried and true technology, that doesn’t require a PHD in engineering to register, lock, and fulfill on the items required to get your client’s loan funded. We believe that technology exists to enhance customer service, not replace it! Many firms are passing along their massive investments in proprietary tech into your price.

Protecting your Business

We will not market to your customers in a Retail or Consumer Direct retention business. We will not share or make customer/client information available to anyone other than your Mutual of Omaha Mortgage TPO Team. We will always look to execute with investors who share the same philosophy. We know that broker-originated customers are extremely important and referrals from these customers is what fuels your business. We don't share leads between our channels. What's yours, stays yours.

Common Sense Underwriting

The philosophy that guides our seasoned operations and underwriting teams is dedication to a common goal. The belief that we accomplish much more when working together with the sales team in a balanced manner to put and keep your borrowers in their homes. We strive to maintain 24 hour turn-times in underwriting so we can provide you and your clients with quick responses and not waste time “waiting in line”. Purchases are always prioritized and closing on time is our number one goal

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